Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Green Xplorer l Bukit Lawang l Sumatera I Indonesia I Best I Trekking,Rafting,Elephant Trek l Excursion

Treking in Bukit Lawang, ... Get more experiece about the wild jungle.....!

                The unforgetable memory buy the jungle experience ,to be a special moment on our lifes as a way for us to create something new born in our lifes spirite to find more inspiration life models ,just try how tobe like that,by involve your self in the jungle activities with your experience guide ,surely.Any how if you never try you'll never know, how brillian was it.
              Step your self to find the most enermouse of the jungle treking exhebition in the jungle of tropical rain forest in "Bukit Lawang " exactly in "Gunung Leuser National Park, which the jungle still virgin and untuoch by the human polution, and the jungle are very dense of  flora & fauna ,which normaly seen while the treking is be namely: Orang Utan, the greate of Rhinicheros Horbil ,called Rangkok,and some other apes are fond in this jungle too like Siamang ( Gibbon) and other family ,(wau-wau ) called White handed gibbon the most agile of apes who life in the jungle teritory,are some amphibians also live in this jungle too,enermous  kind of snake ,lizard,turtle and  the very gigantic of thick wood as "Deftero carpus apectous; (Durian), agathis alba ( damar) or some (chorean ) are standing growht wiht froud to dominate the numbers kind of woods.

( a chorean tree is an emergence of the jungle layers ,kind of this woods are  growth very thick in the Leuser jungle 

A biggest Flower  in the world ( Rafflesia Arnoldy ) also you can find in a special palce in "mount leuser national Park"need time at least 3 days walk in the jungle to explore.